This week we are spending some time thinking creating a vision for your business. While you were doing it, it’s likely that you felt motivated and excited. And yet, it’s also likely that when you were done, you weren’t quite sure what any of it MEANT.

In concrete terms, what are you supposed to DO?

Part of the reason vision exercises can feel so “froofy,” despite their clear and necessary place in goal setting, is that they don’t tell you what to do next. And without that concreteness, it can feel frustratingly like empty motivation.

To counteract that feeling, let’s do some brainstorming using what you came up with yesterday as our starting point.

What are all the things I want? How do I want to feel? What do I want to have? What do I want to do? Who do I want to do it with?

Go back to your “Lifetime Achievement Award” writing and your Lightning Round and re-read them. Really look at it… what do you value? What do you wish? What moments do you wish you had more often?

Now compare your vision to your life. What did you miss in your vision that you love about your life and would hate to lose? What are you spending your time doing that isn’t aligned with your vision that you wish would go away?

Now, take those concrete ideas and build them into a mind map.

Here’s an example, in case its helpful:

how to develop a vision for your business

As your list comes together it should begin to feel more actionable. Less “That would be amazing!” More “It wouldn’t be easy, but I could do that.” Granted, there may still be things we don’t know how to do (like create a group program or get booked for speaking gigs all over the world) but they are things we know we can figure out with some help and some grit.

When we’ve moved from that feeling of “I’d love to feel like this about my life” and into “I see how I can get closer to that” then we’ve done our job.

[Make sure you snag the workbook so you have the template to work from.]

Turn on the magnet

Vision is like a magnet: when you have a strong, concrete vision for your business -you (and others) are drawn to it. It creates motivation to make change and then directs that motivation so that every action you take contributes to narrowing the space between where you are and where you want to be.

In the presence of a strong concrete vision, your actions accumulate and take form.

Without vision, even great ideas dissipate and scatter.

Tomorrow, we will talk about how to strengthen your vision and make it even more powerful.

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how to establish a long-term vision for your business

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Dr. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist and business coach who helps accidental entrepreneurs get more clients and have a bigger impact. She is the author of Great Work, the host of the Unleashing Your Great Work podcast, and the creator of the Great Work Journals. Amanda's TEDx talk has received almost two million views and has been featured on TED's Ideas blog and Ted Shorts. Her ideas have also been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, Quartz, and Thrive Global.