How to Reclaim 25% of Your Time

How to Reclaim 25% of Your Time

Last week I had my first multi-day headache in years. It crawled into my head on Tuesday, hit it’s peak on Wednesday, and slunk out the backdoor leaving me delicate but better on Thursday. Right in the middle of everything, I had to stop and take a break.

It was terrible timing for an unplanned break!

  • I’m running a free three-week “Website Retool Challenge” for Mental Health Awareness month with my friend and colleague Alyssa Adams, and the Pre-Party begins TODAY. We have ads running, videos to make, logistics to line up… there is much that goes into creating a breezy, fun-filled internet party!
  • It’s the end of the semester and I need to stay on top of my grading and emails with students.
  • My daughter turns 10 on Friday and I really need to figure out how to have a Zoom birthday party and get some gifts delivered and bake a cake and, and, and…

I had more to do than time to do it, already. And yet, when my body says “ENOUGH” I can either listen the first time, or get ready for the take down.

So, I listened.

I cancelled as much as I could, opened the flood gates on technology for my children, and went to bed.

And, do you know what?

Everything that was really important got done.

If you had asked me on Monday I would have said “It’s a lot, but if I focus, I can pull it off.”

And then, I “pulled it off” in about 50% of the time.

My life wasn’t an optimized, well-oiled, perfection producing machine this week, but I got it done. It was perplexingly eye-opening.

The thought I’m having is this: What if I choose to “have a headache” and get all of my stuff done in 50% of the time, all of the time? Or even 75% of the time, so I’m not inconveniencing others?

What would that look like?

When I look at last week, it seems to involve focusing on what matters, saying no to what doesn’t, and allowing things to be done instead of perfect.

And, honestly, that’s a pretty good summary statement of this newsletter and my blog for the past 5 years.

Are we all sitting on a 25% time cushion that we are filling with worry, hurry, guilt and perfection?!?

I think we might be!

It is my wish for you (and me!) that you skip the part with the headache and reclaim your time.

What would you do with 10 hours a week?

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