It Happens.

This is a modern tale, if ever there was one.

I wake up at 5, wander downstairs to get my coffee and do some writing. Life is good!

Around 6:30, as always, I take a look at the ^Almost Daily Catalyst to try to find the typos and make sure it’s scheduled properly.

I log into Convertkit, and there is no Catalyst. How did this happen?!

Panic! Searching! Realization. Acceptance? And then…

It happens.

I have two theories, but the likeliest is user error. I went in yesterday and cleaned out a bunch of dead drafts (emails that I had started but gone nowhere) and I must have deleted today’s draft.

I was faced with a decision. Do I just evaporate today and assume that no one is paying enough attention to notice? Or do I write a quick email and share this imperfect moment with you?

You can see where I landed.

My family has a few phrases that we say a lot. One of the ones we say most often is “It happens.”

“Oh, no! I just hit myself with a turtle shell!” [Mario Kart reference]
“It happens.”

“I forgot the biscuits and they are burned.”
“It happens.”

“I never wrote the check for the car registration and now the car is unregistered and I need to GO to the DMV!”
“It happens.”

“I deleted the draft catalyst and there’s nothing to send.”
“It happens.”

It does.

It truly does.

I’ve found that the more I strive to do fun, interesting and complicated things more and more things “happen.”

As these things happen and happen and happen again, I am grateful for yet another opportunity to practice the true skill of entrepreneurial survival: responding to setbacks with integrity and intention.

And, that’s enough for today.

About the Author Amanda

Amanda Crowell, PhD is a cognitive psychologist obsessed with how people make change. She is best known for translating cutting edge research into practical strategies that can be used right away.

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