Four Steps to a High Converting Website

Happy Friday Friends!

I hope that you have plans for this weekend that will provide you with some contourshelp you escape, and create an oasis.

If not, maybe now is the time to concoct a plan?

You deserve those things.

Before you head off into your weekend, I wanted to invite you to an online event I’m having on Monday at 11am. Dr. Alyssa Adams and I are hosting a webinar about four simple tweaks you can make to your website to help you convert visitors to your website into potential clients. But, it’s not just a boring zoom webinar with dry tips and powerpoint slides- it’s a PARTY!

4 Simple Steps to a High Converting Website! <<<Register here!

During this live event on Monday we’ll be sharing four simple tweaks that have a big impact on your website’s ability to convert visitors into leads, and then diving into the first one: creating a simple and cohesive look and feel for your website. We will do some fun branding games and you’ll have a chance to workshop your ideas in our supportive community.

If you are a coach or a therapist (or, even if you are thinking of becoming one), please consider joining us.

If you aren’t a coach or a therapist but you are curious and want to hang out, please feel free to join us (just know that the tips will be targeted to someone seeking clients for whom to provide supportive services).

It would mean a lot to me if you would forward this to one or two therapists that you know who might enjoy this free event.

I’ve been working hard to get the word out, and I’d appreciate your help. <3

Most importantly, of course, I’d love to see YOU there.


Four Simple Steps to a High Converting website, Monday, May 11th!

The next community event has been scheduled!
On Monday, May 11th, Dr. Alyssa Adams and I are hosting an online event about the 4 Simple Steps to a High Converting Website! <<<Register here!

In this online event, we’ll present the 4 Simple Steps to a High Converting website, which will make website building EASY + CLEAR, so that you can immediately take action to make website changes that will draw in the right clients. We think we need SO MUCH on our website, but we don’t! We just need the RIGHT things to turn website visitors into clients.

Have a great and restful weekend, and I hope to see you Monday at 11am.

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PS- This live event launches our three-week website retool challenge, where we provide coaches and therapists with the support they need to make drama-free progress on their website, even during all this craziness. You can come to the event without joining the challenge, or you are most welcome to do both.

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