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Lauren Hope Krass was a guest on the inaugural season of my podcast, Unleashing YOUR Great Work.

And man, she is FUN-NY, but you know what I love most about her and this interview?

Her PASSION. This woman is on fire for her mission of body positivity and fat activism.

And her revelation about how collaboration feels like magic?


Standup comedienne, screenwriter, and actor Lauren Hope Krass is passionate about body positivity… except, she says that body positivity is the trojan horse. Inside the trojan horse are fat activism and a message for women everywhere: You are beautiful, exactly as you are. 

Join us as we discuss:

03:57 What helped Lauren step into her full self and switch to an abundance mindset.

07:06 How body positivity is more like a Trojan horse.

09:12 How fat activism becomes dangerous to fat people, specifically to their safety

10:44 A lot of challenges when it comes to a woman in comedy.

11:37 How Lauren lands into a comedy career.

14:06 Lauren’s TV Pilot, called Fat with Standards.

15:23 How Lauren ended up on a stage in New York City.

19:02 What are the challenges of bringing a message into the world through comedy.

21:20 Entertainment business is terrible, unfair, and sometimes unrewarding. If you don’t love your message, if you don’t love what you’re doing, don’t do it.

22:28 Lauren’s joy and fulfillment in what she’s doing.

About the Guest:

Comedian and writer Lauren Hope Krass got her start in comedy in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. There, she performed improv and standup regularly at Theatre 99 and all over the city. Her material ranges from the ridiculous to the brutally honest. Her self-deprecating humor combined with a dash of charm creates a unique perspective relevant to any audience.

Lauren has headlined nationwide for Organizations (SAP Americas), Colleges (Princeton) and Clubs (Goonies, MD). Locally, you can catch her at some of the best clubs in NYC such as Caroline’s, Stand Up NY, New York Comedy Club and QED among many others. She has also been a featured storyteller on Kevin Allison’s RISK! She’s the winner of the She Devil Comedy Festival (2018) and her original TV Pilot “Fat With Standards” was an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival (2021) and a finalist in the Austin Comedy Film Festival (2021). Lauren has also been featured in the Women in Comedy Festival, Cinderblock Comedy Festival, Annapolis Comedy Festival and the Charleston Comedy Festival.

Instagram- @LaurenHopeKrass


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