become the hero of your own story

This week on the podcast, I welcome Michelle Kaplan. She is an amazing executive coach who recently blew my mind when she casually became a broadway producer.

WHAT?! Is this a thing a person can just do?!? 😮🤯🚀

Michelle shows us that we can… and I’m ready to learn. 👀

Michelle’s Great Work is helping people be the hero of their own story. Listen in to hear how you can follow in her footsteps and blow your own mind.  

Michelle tells us: “It’s the journey within that changes the outside.”

💯 YES.

Listen in.

This week we welcome our guest Michelle Kaplan. Overcoming struggles in her HR career, Michelle discovered her true voice through her writing and poetry. This ultimately led her to her new position as a co-producer in an off-broadway theatre show. Uncover how Michelle came to live her true genius and how it can help you live yours. 

Join us as we discuss:

02:58 Heroism and the fascinating things about it.

05:07 Having that voice through writing a poem or book.

08:39 Getting to know Michelle Kaplan.

11:00 How did Michelle meet Ken Davenport.

15:10 It’s the goal and strong leadership team that brings success to the show.

23:07 The struggles that Michelle overcomes in her HR career and as a new producer on a show.

27:38 Michelle’s discoveries about herself.

32:03 There’s no greater satisfaction than helping and seeing somebody successfully unfold their journey.

33:10 Everyone’s an expert and is a genius.

37:01 Intentions rather than specific goals.

40:15 There’s no way to guarantee a disappointment less, loss less, and grief less life.

About the Guest:

Michelle Kaplan is Founder and CEO of an HR consulting and training firm specializing in Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development. Specific areas of focus include emotional intelligence, change management, creating and sustaining high performance teams, effective decision-making, and increasing psychological safety at work.

Michelle is also a Co-Producer in theatre. The current show she is involved with is the new musical Harmony which just finished its Off-Broadway run. Finally, Michelle is also a published author with her two books of poetry recognized as Amazon’s Top Hot New Releases for Inspirational Poetry, with a third book on its way. Michelle posts her poems every day on Instagram @themichellekaplan.

Feel free to connect with Michelle at:





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