My very first coaching client was a trained therapist who had put off taking her licensing exam for almost 10 years. She wanted to take her exam. She knew that it would open opportunities for her that she was eager to embrace. She wasn’t even nervous about learning the content!

And yet, for ten years she didn’t do it.

When she reached out to me she was frustrated and disappointed at the lost time and the missed opportunities. She couldn’t quite name why she hadn’t been able to get it done, which, looking back, might have been the biggest frustration of all.

This is surprisingly common. I meet people all the time who know what they need to do, but struggle to do it. Sometimes they are struggling to get it off the ground– starting and stalling out– over and over again.

Other times, they are just waiting. Waiting for the time to be right. Waiting to have the money. Waiting for “market demand.” Or waiting to be chosen.

And, finally, there are people who did get started but ran into a roadblock and quit.

Over the course of 10 years, my client encountered all of these scenarios. But we didn’t spend any time looking back, trying to understand them.

Instead, we looked forward and started chipping away.

  • Every week we set her intentions.
  • Every day she moved it forward, one step at a time.
  • She checked in with me as she ran into roadblocks, got overwhelmed, or became frustrated.
  • We celebrated every win: big and small.

And then, one day, about six months later, she took and passed her licensing exam.

It turns out that what she needed wasn’t all that complicated. She needed accountability, community, and a way to manage her time that allowed her to make progress without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Change Happens In the Hard Moments

When we are committed to doing Great Work- whether that’s building a business, launching something new, writing a book, or otherwise trying to stretch into who we’ve always meant to be… it’s easy to get stuck.

Those moments- when we feel stuck, stymied, overwhelmed, burned out, or confused– are the. moments when we need support the most.

  • We need someone to tell us to take a break.
  • We need to hear that we’ve done enough for today.
  • We need to hear that we don’t know have to know how to finish, we just need to know how to take the next step.
  • We need to be encouraged to feel our disappointment, and then see what’s possible.
  • We need to celebrate every win: from the book launch day all the way down to getting up and putting on pants. If it moves you forward, I’ve got a confetti cannon for it. 🎉

We need a community that meets us where we are and helps us move forward. Preferably full of people who strike us as positive, powerful, successful, and ambitious… who see the same thing when they look at us.

We need our tribe, basically.

This is why I’ve created the  Great Work Community. It’s a place to gather with the tribe, put in some time moving the dream forward, and then celebrate every single win.

And listen, it’s not for everyone. One person I told about it said, “I wouldn’t join it even if it were free.”

That’s ok with me because another person I was sharing it with didn’t even let me get it all the way out before she was telling me how badly she needed it.

If that sounds like you, I hope you will join me!

About the author

Dr. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist and business coach who helps accidental entrepreneurs get more clients and have a bigger impact. She is the author of Great Work, the host of the Unleashing Your Great Work podcast, and the creator of the Great Work Journals. Amanda's TEDx talk has received almost two million views and has been featured on TED's Ideas blog and Ted Shorts. Her ideas have also been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, Quartz, and Thrive Global.