I didn't set out to be an entrepreneur. 

In fact, if you had told me 10 years ago that I would have a successful coaching business and would do things like run ads, send invoices, and write copy I would have argued with you.

Here's me from 10 years ago:

"That's not who I am. I'm not the kind of person who wants to hustle for business or persuade people to buy things. I don't want to work every night and weekend. I'll just go to work and collect my paycheck, thank you very much."

I am what you might call an Accidental Entrepreneur.  People often asked me for help and I had a lot of ideas I wanted to share. And, I liked the idea of having diversified income streams.  But even  as I was experiencing a classic business case (Find a problem, identify a solution, make offers!) I just didn't see an entrepreneur when I looked in the mirror.

I spent the first two years of my business thinking of myself as a writer with coaching clients... and, honestly, I was paid like one.  

(Read: I made almost no money).  

After a year of working too many nights and weekends and making a grand total of $3,000, I realized that whether I admitted it or not, this was a business. And I either needed to figure out how to do that right, or give up what was (seriously) the worst hobby ever.

So I started from scratch and brought my obsessive, professional researcher skills to bear.

I was SO SURE I could learn it all myself... I mean, how hard could it be?  

It was hard.  The following couple of years were simultaneously invigorating AND terrifying.  

I made a LOT of mistakes!  

Here's a short list:

  • I built my first website on wordpress.com because I didn't know any better.  
  • I got thrown into Facebook Jail for running ads that were "too manipulative." 
  • I spend 3K to launch a program that sold ZERO seats. 

Those moments were some of the hardest I've experienced in my life.  

But I also had some amazing victories!

  • I got myself a coach (BEST DECISION EVER) and booked myself solid with coaching clients, proving to myself that there was a genuine market for my special blend of expertise and support.
  • I sold one seat on my second program.  It didn't run, but I had a celebratory drink anyway. I sold three seats to  my third program! And I booked my fourth, fifth and sixth programs to capacity. All without ads.
  • Most importantly the chaos and overwhelm I felt in the early days of my business have gone WAY down, even though my success has gone way up.  That's because I know WHY I'm doing everything I'm doing.  In fact, if I can't see the path between an action I'm taking and a client, I don't do it.  

I want you to have that clarity, too... because being an entrepreneur is HARD.

In fact, entrepreneurship is a great way to come face to face with your worst fears and insecurities on the regular:

  • Terrified that you are a fraud and everyone will find out?  Entrepreneurship dishes up imposter syndrome daily.
  • Worried that you are a selfish narcissist for wanting something of your own? Entrepreneurship is going to push that button 7 times a week.
  • Secretly convinced that you are actually deeply lazy and unmotivated?  The bottomless pit of "business tasks" will mock you ever minute of every day if you let it.
  • Worried that others will find out you have a business and see you as an insincere snake oil salesperson who cares more about making money than the people in your life?  Well, entrepreneurship requires that you prioritize making money, thereby throwing all your money drama back in your face.

First of all, NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE!  It's just your brain pointing to the things that are standing between you and the bigger game you want to play with your life. Fully 50% of the work that I do is focuses on helping people overcome their own BRAIN so they can find clients, create content, enroll clients and enjoy their business.

Second, I work primarily with accidental entrepreneurs: coaches, therapists, helpers, and creatives. People like me who never intended to have a business! This means that a whole lot of that drama is subconscious, tucked away an unexamined, while wreaking chaos on your success.

Step one is admitting you have a business

Step two is facing some of it head on!  

Here are some resources to get you started:

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  • Do you need support with your imposters syndrome, burnout, and procrastination? Click here!
  • Are you looking for a deep dive on mindsets? Click here!'

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