Join the website retool challenge starting in May!

Join the website retool challenge starting in May!

Hi!  I'm Dr. Amanda Crowell, a cognitive psychologist in New York City who helps coaches and therapists to grow their practice.  And I LOVE IT.

Here's why:  Therapists are helpers deep in their soul; they are striving mightily to make the world a better place through their work.  They are TOP NOTCH at what they do (or I wouldn't work with them) and it's not the business of helping that causes them grief. You see, most people who help for a living have NO IDEA how to brand, promote or sell themselves.  

And, secretly, they don't want to- those things feel inauthentic, manipulative and "outside the scope" of the work they signed up to do.

That's fair.

Except... it's not the best therapist that gets the clients. It's the therapist with a flow of interested prospects who are supported through the process of

  1. Discovering that they need (your!) help  
  2. Find the courage to invest in themselves by hiring you.

The ability to create clients whenever you want-- without feeling any stress-- is the key to making your practice a success.

And I have great news!  Client creation is a totally learnable skill!  How do I know?

Because I learned it!  When I started this coaching business of mine I knew very little about the business side of having a practice.  I had been a coach for a long time, but I had worked for a consulting company where clients "were found" (I assume by a fairy?) and dropped in my lap, eager for transformation. Somehow the client fairy didn't follow me into my own business.  I was on my own.

So I started from scratch and brought my obsessive, professional researcher skills to bear. I was SO SURE I could learn it all myself... I mean, how hard could it be?  

It was hard.  The following couple of years were chaotic, confusing, and overwhelming.  And I made a LOT of mistakes!  

Here's a short list:

  • I built my first website on wordpress.com because I didn't know any better.  
  • I got thrown into Facebook Jail for running ads that were "too manipulative." 
  • I spend 3K to launch a program that sold ZERO seats. 

Those moments were some of the hardest I've experienced in my life.  I don't fail well. 🙁 

But I also had some amazing victories!

  • I got myself a coach and booked myself solid with coaching clients, proving to myself that there was a genuine market for my special blend of expertise and support.
  • I sold one seat on my second program.  It didn't run, but I had a celebratory drink anyway. I sold three seats to  my third program! And I booked my fourth, fifth and sixth programs to capacity. All without ads.
  • Most importantly the chaos and overwhelm I felt in the early days of my business have gone WAY down, even though my success has gone way up.  That's because I know WHY I'm doing everything I'm doing.  In fact, if I can't see the path between an action I'm taking and a client, I don't do it.  

I want you to have that clarity, too.

My clients are amazing practitioners. They help people feel, do, and be better!  Whether it's confused new mothers, overwhelmed job seekers, adults suffering from childhood trauma, or angry children... my clients have the expertise to heal and resolve those issues, making happiness and success possible for their clients.  

It's my distinct honor to help these brilliant coaches and therapists create clients they love, make more money, and change the world.

If you want to learn more about my coaching you can email me or schedule a call directly with the links below!

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