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How to Make Good Goal-Setting Habits for Yourself

If you are looking for a time management solution, it’s very likely that you are an “ideas” person. Goal-setting ideas likely pop into your head while you are going about your day: in the shower, on your walk, while doing morning pages, or simply “out of nowhere.” And this is before we even get to the goals, ideas, tasks, and to-dos that come rolling out of meetings, conversations, and emails!

There are so many things you could do!

But how do you pick which ones to do, when, and how?  

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10 Goal Setting Quotes That Will Make You Feel Good – NOT Guilty

Goal setting is the necessary starting point for anything you want to achieve. It can be scary to set a goal, tell other people, and then actually motivate yourself to take the steps to get things done.

It’s easy to be defeatest about goal setting. For example, many people focus on the statistic that only 8% of New Year’s resolutions succeed.

But it’s ALSO TRUE that people who make an explicit resolution are 10 times more likely to succeed than those who don’t. 

To me, goal setting is an exciting part of the process. I love it! And I’m not alone! I love quotes about goal setting – they aren’t all positive, rah-rah inspirational quotes. Instead, I found quotes about failure (my friend!), the missed opportunity of NOT having goals, and what it takes to set and achieve goals that not even YOU believe you can achieve.

As I was searching for quotes that spoke to me, I found so many relied on pressure, guilt, and even doubt to “motivate” people. It reminded me of why I created the Aligned TIme Journal in the first place:

We need a more compassionate way to manage our time and achieve our goals.

Here’s a list of goal-setting quotes that focus on what matters most to you, and will inspire you to get started and stay at it.

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How to Be Amazingly Productive in 2021 with These Time Management Strategies

The Aligned Time Method is a whole-person, time management system to help you become powerfully productive without ever feeling overwhelmed. At the heart of the Aligned Time Method is the Aligned Time Journal, a workspace where you can plan your goals and then align your hours and days to make progress on what matters to you.

When discussing the Aligned Time Journal with people, I often hear that they don’t want to switch over from their existing to-do list and calendar to the Aligned Time Journal.

To them, I reply, “You don’t have to!” In fact, the Aligned Time Journal seamlessly integrates with every existing to-do list and calendar system that you already use.

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11 Proven Time Management Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

I love talking about time management, goal setting and productivity. What started as a desperate search for more balance, has become a long-standing fascination with this question: What does it take to do what matters – important, critical, world-changing work – without burning out or procrastinating?

This question has driven me to read hordes of time management and productivity books, purchase dozens of journals and planners, and ultimately, create a time management system and journal of my own: The Aligned Time Journal!

how to learn time management

The Journal Launches on TUESDAY but is available for pre-order now!!! Wooooooohooo!!!!!

To join in the fun, I asked 11 of my most successful entrepreneurial friends to chime in with their best productivity advice.

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How Time Management Saved My Life

Almost six years ago on a beautiful spring day in April, I checked myself into the hospital, certain I was having a heart attack. I was stressed, maxed, exhausted, and BEHIND. And I was hounded by my time management failure:

  • Failure to keep up with the endless emails, tasks, reports, and deadlines that would proliferate after I fell asleep with my computer on my lap at midnight.
  • Failure to advocate for myself when the workload became unsustainable, as 8 projects became 10, and 10 became 14.
  • Failure to protect ANY of my time in support of my mental and physical well-being. Eating, sleeping, exercise, and “downtime” were a luxury I told myself I couldn’t afford.
  • Failure to be a nice person, a kind wife, a patient mother, or a functioning adult.
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How To Make Progress On Your Goals

Have you had the experience of setting a goal (like: get more clients, stay ahead of my paperwork or taxes, reach out to members of my network, or write a weekly blog) and then done NOTHING about it? 

I’m not talking about setting a goal that you actually have no intention of pursuing (Hello, “10 pushups!”).

No, I’m talking about a goal you care about, would love to accomplish, and in fact, fully intend to accomplish. 

And yet, despite all that interest and commitment, nothing happens. I call this Goalnesia, because its so mysterious and feels completely out of your control- like selective amnesia.

time management techniques

I’m very confident that you have had this experience, because I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t. In fact, if you are like many of the people I’ve worked with, you may have had this experience so often that you’ve developed a story about how you are “just plain lazy.”

That’s not true, by the way. People who declare themselves “lazy” are almost always either overcommitted, tired and in need of a break (which is wildly different), unmotivated or confused (which is entirely fixable), or are doing an incomplete job of managing their new goal (which is simply a matter of process).

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Why You Need to Make New Friends in 2021

It’s 2021! We made it! And what better way to start a new year than with new friends?

Why do I need new friends, you ask?

Well, let me first go on the record to say that your old friends are GREAT. There’s no problem with them and you don’t need to kick ’em curbside unless you want to.

And yet, that doesn’t negate the need for new friends! Friends, for example, who want the same things that you want. Who see the world the way you see the world (or even better, friends who see the world the way you WANT to see the world). Friends who will watch you grow your practice with their hearts on FIRE for your success.

Friends, who will push you to be:

  • Strategic and hopeful
  • Powerful and authentic
  • Successful and resourceful

Where can you find such AMAZING friends, you ask?

As always, I’ve got you covered.

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It’s Time to Believe That You Can Change

The prevailing cultural belief about change is that it comes when people are “ready” or it comes only to those who are “worthy” or “special.”

That’s not true, and it’s time to let it go.

You can be better tomorrow, even though you’re weak, imperfect, and only partially (if at all) “ready.”  The only thing special about people who change is that they are willing to change.

You can be special like that, too.

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2020 Year in Review: Not great

Is it just me, or have we been wrapping up this year for a decade? The week between Christmas and New Year has always been chock full of year in review articles, best and worst lists, and lessons learned… it’s usually one of my favorite weeks of the year! I love a good retrospective- there’s something glorious about laughing again at something you laughed at in March.

But, this year it feels different, somehow. Rather than the usual lighthearted lifestyle fare, these articles feel a bit desperate.

Desperate to make sense of a year that didn’t go as planned. Or perhaps, desperate to regain control of a world that has shown us how little control we actually have? I’m not sure what the desperation is about exactly, but one thing is for sure:

It’s all kind of a bummer out there in the interwebiverse.

But wait! What about the clothes and the performances and the ridiculousness!?! Where are the listicles that make me smile? Where do I discover new moments to enjoy, way after the fact?

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How to Strengthen Your Connections During Socially Distant Holidays

As I was walking my puppy around town yesterday I noticed a LOT of cars with Christmas trees on the roof. With Hanukkah starting on Thursday and Kwanza, Solstice, Festivus, and New Years on the horizon, there’s no denying it, the holidays are upon us. Though things will certainly look different this year (Zoom Caroling? Fireside Facetime? TikTok New Year’s Eve Parties?), the heart and soul of the holidays is the same: it’s the season of connection.

This is the Perfect Year to Strengthen Connections

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