with Drs. Amanda Crowell and Alyssa Adams

The Build Your Practice Accelerator will help you get more clients and make more money with your private pay practice

What you will create:

  • Confidence and clarity 
    You CAN build a thriving private pay practice. 
    Throughout the Accelerator you'll discover how to draw people to you like a magnet, build strong and ethical connections, and enroll ideal clients.

    "Before working with Amanda, I was really overwhelmed by  the idea of marketing a private pay practice. I kept saying 'this isn't what I signed up for! I'm not trained for this!' 
    After working with Amanda I realized that marketing my practice ins't some mysterious or overwhelming thing, it's just a straightforward set of actions that work."

  • Better copy for your website and online profiles
    We will rework your profiles and website copy so the right people are compelled to call you right away.

  • High converting consultation calls
    Let's get the majority of people who consider working with you to say yes.

  • A network of partners, clients and friends that will drive business your way 
    You wont be able to build a booming practice by sitting alone in your office. We'll help you become a pillar of the community who is a no-brainer for referrals. 

What you Get:

12 Live Online Class Sessions alternating between Practice Building Secrets and Action Accelerating Masterminds

Topics include

  • The importance of not being a commodity
  • For whom will you never stop advocating?  
  • How can you get to know "your people" even better so you can connect with them quickly and deeply
  • How to create powerful profiles and websites that draw people to you like a magnet
  • How to facilitate a consultation that helps your potential clients to say yes to working with you
  • How to create a thriving network of referral partners and how to source clients directly in an ethical way

Two Live Online 1-on-1 coaching calls to get you unstuck and moving quickly (Scheduled at your convenience)

Access to a tight-knit community of therapists and coaches committed to each other's success

Access to a library of Done-For-You resources

Live Online Office Hours: Once a month to share your work, get feedback, and learn from others in the Accelerator

Online community with which to share your drafts, get feedback and support each other


Everyone who participate in the Build Your Practice Accelerator qualify to get extra coaching to prepare and  present at a Therapist and Coach Connection Hour. This is a great opportunity to pilot a signature talk or try your hand at public speaking in a supportive, low stakes environment.   And, of course, as a client of mine, you will always be able to attend the TCCH for free!

Interested? Let's discuss!

What is it like to work with Amanda?

You should work with Amanda! She totally revolutionized the way I promote my practice... which is to say, I actually promote my practice now!

And it works!  

My practice is where I thought it would be in two years: Full! Working with Amanda took a full year and a half off my plan!

- Lucy Bichsel, PhD

Sign up in February and receive a Complimentary Mindset Reboot

Break through your blocks and grow your practice!

Success is an Inside Job: Hack your brain, grow your business focuses on introducing the science behind three mindset blocks that are keeping you from taking action in your business. 

After you understand your mindset blocks, you'll be ready to ROCK the Accelerator!

Here's what you get!

  • Deep dives into the science underlying the three mindsets that are keeping stuck in procrastination.  This one is for my psych nerds!
  • Exercises that help you explore your own mindset blocks, and take targeted action to dismantle your blocks
  • Strategies to handle the opinions of the people in your life and to build a community of powerful support around you and your business
  • Beautifully designed worksheets with exercises that you can take with you and do at your own pace

What is it like to work with Amanda?

I don’t believe that one can have a successful therapy practice without significant dedication and clinical skill but I know plenty of therapists who have these things and yet struggle to take their business where they want it to be.

That was me a year ago.

Thanks to Amanda, it's not any more. Working with Amanda transformed my practice into a vibrant and stable business that is well supported by a network of people whom I deeply respect.

Now, a year later, I have reached my every goal. 

-Gaiane Kazariants, PhD

I'm Ready!

You are going to love the
Build Your Practice Accelerator!  
But first... The Accelerator is by invitation only. Let's talk to make sure that the program is a good fit for you.

Meet Your Coaches!

Amanda Crowell, PhD

Dr. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist and business coach who helps therapists and coaches get more clients and make more money.  Amanda’s TEDx talk has received more than half a million views since January 2019 and has been featured on TED’s “Ideas” blog. Her ideas have also been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, and Quartz. Amanda combines her expertise in cognitive psychology, marketing, and mindset hacking to help therapists and coaches create the practice they need with clients they love.

Alyssa Adams, PsyD

Dr. Alyssa Adams is a clinical psychologist and business coach who helps coaches and therapists to grow their practices and make even more money working for themselves so they can focus on serving clients they love. She has been featured in media outlets, such as Brit + Co, Popsugar, Bustle, and has authored numerous scientific publications. She created a successful coaching practice and subsequently left her leadership position with the federal government, and she is passionate about supporting other coaches and therapists to find autonomy and financial freedom working for themselves. 

Now, I'm REALLY Ready.

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