Delight in the Limelight to Do Great Work with Linda Ugelow

In this episode of Unleashing Your Great Work, I’m talking to Linda Ugelow, a speaking confidence coach who has conquered her own speaking anxiety to become a powerful speaker and author.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How our childhood experiences can become speaking anxiety as adults.
  • How to overcome a lifetime of speaking anxiety in as little as one week. (My mind was blown!)
  • The challenge of taking a successful one-on-one coaching process and turning it into an accessible, easy-to-follow book.

Want more info on Linda? Great idea!

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And here’s a bio:

Linda Ugelow is a speaking confidence coach and movement specialist with an uncommon approach to overcoming the fear of speaking. Formerly stricken with public speaking fear herself, she now helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders to transform their experience of speaking from dread to delight wherever they speak: online or on stage, in the media or the meeting room. Linda holds a master’s degree in Expressive Therapy/Movement Studies and has performed internationally for over three decades with the women’s world music group, Libana, as a singer, bassist, percussionist, and principal dancer. She hosted the TV show Women Inspired and is the author of the book, Delight In The Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams.

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