Great Work Takes You Off the Beaten Path with Dr. Alyssa Adams

In this, the very first episode of Unleashing Your Great Work to feature a guest, we are digging into Great Work off the beaten path with Dr. Alyssa Adams.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What it takes to do Great Work when everyone tells you not to
  • How Great Work evolves over time.
  • How to get really real with yourself about who you are and what you believe.

Want more info on Dr. Alyssa Adams (#reasonable)? 

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And here’s a bio:

Dr. Alyssa Adams is a psychologist turned intuitive business coach and hypnosis practitioner. She helps successful (but secretly stuck) entrepreneurs to address the root cause of their business problems, so they can create more wealth, success, and happiness without fear holding them back. In her boutique coaching practice, Alyssa works with executives and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Through a unique blend of hypnosis, intuitive coaching, mindset, and manifestation techniques, she helps you grow your business by doing deep inner work, which clears the way for increased wealth, more confidence, and limitless opportunities. She’s been featured in numerous media outlets, shared her ideas at national conferences, and sold profitable online courses. She currently hosts, The Uncommon Couch podcast, where she explores the evolving edge of business, consciousness, and the psychological and energetic side of entrepreneurship.

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