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Nikki James Zellner is a content strategist who empowers all to use their personal experiences + authentic voices to express themselves, build their legacy brands, and change the world. A dual business owner with a background deeply rooted in community, marketing, and storytelling, she’s launched 15 lifestyle magazines, helped build the success of hundreds brands, and worked in front of and behind the scenes to share written and visual stories in a way that captivated audiences. She was awarded the 2022 Trailblazer of the Year award in the National Veteran and Military Spouse Entrepreneur Awards, and in her spare time, she fought the law for safer schools in Virginia…and won.

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Dr. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist, speaker, author, and coach focused on changing our perspective on the world of work. It IS possible to do Great Work—the work that calls to you from the inside– without sacrificing your health, happiness, and relationships.

Amanda is the Author of the book, Great Work: Do What Matters Most Without Sacrificing Everything Else, and the creator of the Great Work Journals. Amanda’s TEDx talk has received almost two million views and has been featured on TED’s Ideas blog and Ted Shorts. Her ideas have also been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, Quartz, and Thrive Global.

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