TRAILER: Unleashing Your Great Work

Unleashing Your Great Work is a podcast about doing the work that matters the most to you. 

Work that grows you and keeps you on your evolving edge. 

Work that shows the world who you really are. 

Work that compels you to collaborate, and allows other people to truly know you.

It might be building a business, inciting a movement, creating breathtaking art, writing world-changing books, or helping other people to heal and grow into their potential. 

Whatever your Great Work, in this podcast we’re figuring out how to unleash it into the world by asking the BIG questions:

  • What does it take to create something of your own? To write books, build a business, impact the issues of our day, and help change the world?
  • How can we overcome procrastination, withstand failure, survive rejection and finally, finally unleash our great work out into the world? 
  • How can we- you and me- do work that reflects our unique point of view, impacts the people around us for the better, and feels amazing? 

Don’t you want to know the answers to these questions? 

I know I do.

So get in here! 

And let’s discover how to Unleash Your Great Work.


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