What Works for Great Work with Tara McMullin – Encore | UYGW074

Have you ever felt like you needed more? More money, more prestige, more status, and more accomplishment? In this week’s podcast episode Tara McMullin, the author of What Works: A Comprehensive Framework to Change the Way We Approach Goal-Setting, helps us peek behind the curtain. Listen in as she unpacks the programming creating this lack of satisfaction and gives us important clues about how to de-program ourselves. Tara will help us focus on being in process with ourselves instead of seeking ever more, ever more.

Join Tara McMullin and Dr. Amanda Crowell as we discuss:

  • How our culture creates a need for more, more, more
  • How to help our children avoid the burnout and overworking programming from the start
  • How to use technological tools as tools, instead of as further indications that we aren’t doing things right


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