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5 Reasons Why July is the Recharge Promised Land and How To Get the Most out of It

You know how summer goes: In June you’re still wrapping up and recovering from the school year and in August you’ve turned your attention back to the classroom to ensure that you are ready to go when school starts up again…

But JULY.  Oh, how I love July!  Here are five reasons why July is the BEST time to recharge.

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10 Reasons why educators don't say NO and why that has to stop

10 Reasons we don’t say no — and why that has to stop

Those of us in the helping professions (therapy, coaching, education, nursing, social work, etc) are really, really good at taking care of others…. and really, really bad at taking care of ourselves.  We give everything we have to our clients and if we aren’t careful, we can end up wrung out and miserable.

This has to stop. And the first step is the hardest.

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How to get some rest

Here’s how to get some rest, even when things are crazy

This was originally published on Quartz under the title “Contemporary society is tired and stressed because we’ve abandoned two ancient traditions

It’s exhausting trying to make it in the middle class. Like a lot of people, I work outside my full-time job in the gig economy. This means that in addition to being a college professor, I do small, one-off jobs like writing articles and providing professional development to teachers.

The appeal of the gig economy is its flexibility: you can work anytime, anywhere. But for me, this often means that I fall into the trap of working all the time, everywhere. And that makes me really, really tired.

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How to battle burnout with kindness and why it's the only thing that will work

How to battle burnout with kindness and why it’s the only thing that will work

Last year I published an article in Quartz arguing that teacher burnout is one of the biggest social justice issues of our time. I really meant it. If our passionate teachers continue to burn out and leave education, our most vulnerable kids will suffer, the opportunity and achievement gaps will widen, and the health of our economy will continue to erode.

But do you know who else is suffering from burnout? Therapists. And that’s at least as important; burnout is so painful when you are passionate about your work. It feels like a major betrayal to the part of you that loves your role as the caretaker.

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planning your holiday break

5 tips for the best holiday break ever

You made it! For most people in the US, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or secular today and tomorrow are pretty major holidays.  Plus it’s the weekend, so I think it’s safe to say that most of us are on break!

Congratulations!  Confetti!

Opportunities to rest are so rare in our overbooked, overstimulated world that I hope you seize on this opportunity and really go for it.

Here are my 5 best tips for going whole hog on rest:

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Time management tips for busy professionals

Ten Ways to Take a Break When You Can’t Really Take a Break

Last weekend I discussed how important it is to take a BREAK when you need one.  The message definitely resonated with lots of you,  but some of you very fairly pointed out that you can’t always take a break when you need it.

I get that, but I think you might be defining “a break” too narrowly.

Taking a break can go lots of different ways.

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Three Things That Together Transform Your Life

3 Things That Together Transform Your Life

I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs who are working to grow their business, usually because they are aren’t getting the results that they want.  When I ask them what they think they need to do to make move the needle, I get one very common answer:

Work harder!

This doesn’t add up.  The vast and overwhelming majority of these women are already working their asses off.  The already HAVE hustle and commitment and drive.

So why aren’t things changing for them?

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