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3 Books That Changed the Way I Think About Change

About once a month I do a workshop about change at the Brooklyn Brainery.  One of the most common questions I get at the end of every workshop is “How can I learn more about this?”  I suggest these books because they were pivotal to my own thinking about change:

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Three Things That Together Transform Your Life

3 Things That Together Transform Your Life

I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs who are working to grow their business, usually because they are aren’t getting the results that they want.  When I ask them what they think they need to do to make move the needle, I get one very common answer:

Work harder!

This doesn’t add up.  The vast and overwhelming majority of these women are already working their asses off.  The already HAVE hustle and commitment and drive.

So why aren’t things changing for them?

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Scenes from Half a Marathon

Last weekend I travelled to Philadelphia and took part in the festivities for my first half marathon!  My excellent husband agreed to watch our kids and our friends’ son so that the three of us (my 2 friends and myself) could stay in Philadelphia overnight since the race began at 7am.

The Expo

We arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon and checked into our hotel which was about a mile from the race start.  As soon as we arrived we started to get excited- there were signs everywhere welcoming us to the race weekend. We were given our useless breakfast vouchers (breakfast opens at 7, even on “race weekend”) and dropped our bags into our room.

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