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Have you been working on this website for months... or longer?

 At least once every few days I come across a therapist or coach who is "working on their website" for a LONG time with no end in sight. And sometimes the bigness of the website project has them stuck before they can even get started.


This can be an extremely frustrating experience... 
so how do can we break out of the pattern of procrastination and paralysis?

Let's talk.

My "Finish Your Website" Strategy Call is 45 minutes of pure clarity. 

  1. Before our call, you'll send me whatever you have from wherever you are with the process: If you are just getting started, send me mood boards, links you like, emails you've written, and profiles on other sites. If it's underway, give me the skinny on where things stand.  And, if there's a site under construction, I'd love to see it!
  2. During our call, we'll talk strategy: Where are you stuck? Why are you stuck? How are we going to get you unstuck and on the path to completion?
  3. After our call, you'll know exactly what to do next. 

And the best part?  It's FREE

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 When I struggled to redo and modernize my website, I contacted her and asked if she could help me. I was delighted when she agreed. The woman is my angel. She is beyond anything I could have dreamed of to help me get this job done.  I have strong opinions and know what I want, and I trust her judgement and that's a lovely feeling. What a pleasure to work with her and to feel confident that, as a result of our work together, my website will genuinely reflect me, but in the most advantageous way to promote my business.

Working with Amanda was an amazing experience– I had been trying to finish a project for over 10 years and after working with Amanda for 3 months, the project was done! She has a style that is both very focused and detail oriented, but also very based in intuition — great combination! I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to help me through this!

Wait... who is Amanda Crowell, PhD?

Amanda Crowell, PhD is a cognitive psychologist and growth coach.  She works with coaches and therapists to help them market their practices, get more clients, and have a bigger impact.  Amanda will helps you gain clarity about your practice and then infuse that passion into all of your marketing materials: especially your website! 

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