Trouble Finding Clients for Your Practice?



Clients Can't Find You If They Don't Know You Exist

Let's get real: It's nice to have clients so we can do things like buy food and stay ahead of our student loans, but the real reason that you need to market your therapy practice is for these reasons:

People are in pain. 

They need help to feel better.


I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and say:
“I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find a good therapist or a therapist who feels right for me… do YOU know anyone who can help me?”
These are tech-savvy people that have googled and spent time searching Psychology Today… they’ve been looking! 

So... what's the problem?

Here's what I see ALL. THE. TIME. from therapists:

  1. Your website is kind of generic.  It doesn’t speak to them or their problems.  Your content doesn't provide the benefits of what you do.  “I offer a safe place to process your pain” is not going to cut it. 

 2. Your psychology today profile is full of therapist jargon. “My therapy style combines psychodynamic, CBT and DBT therapies based on the specific needs of each client.” <-- NO. Nobody is inspired by this!

 3. You are afraid of specificity, certain either that you will scare people away or you’ll get bored from too much of the same thing… and so everything you write is bland, designed to attract "everyone."  

And listen, these strategies do sometimes work in smaller markets with fewer therapists.  

But in a large, saturated, urban market like this one, you have to take a different approach.  And during a pandemic that has the noise level jacked up super high... it's just really easy to be invisible.

Nobody blames you for using that language in marketing your practice, by the way. They (really should, but they) don't teach anything about how to build a private practice in Social Work school or in Clinical Psychology PhD programs! But I've been working with therapists for years to help them get their marketing tuned up, and I'd love to help you!  

So what now?

I'm in a bit of a jolly mood, so I've set aside a few hours this and next week to do a limited number of free 30-minute marketing strategy calls for therapists!  I’ll take a look at your website and psychology today page and we’ll come up with a great next step to get you clients.

Sign up right here:

What the people say:

You should work with Amanda!  It totally revolutionized the way I promote my practice... which is to say, I actually promote my practice now! And... I've completely filled my practice.  In fact, I've met the 2-year goal I set for myself. Working with Amanda for six months put me a year and half ahead of my schedule. So... yeah, work with Amanda.

Lucy Bichsel, PhD

Wait... who is Amanda Crowell, PhD?

Amanda Crowell, PhD is a cognitive psychologist and growth coach.  She works with coaches and therapists to help them get more clients and make more money!  Amanda helps her clients gain clarity about their passion and then works with them to share their passion in all of their marketing materials.  Working with Amanda will help you see that it's never a question of WHETHER you can grow your practice, it's only ever a question of how.

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