Manage Your Time and Your Mind to Do Great Work

The Great Work Community is here to help ambitious, change-making entrepreneurs to MANAGE THEIR TIME AND THEIR MIND better so they can get MORE CLIENTS, make MORE MONEY, and have a BIGGER IMPACT with their Great Work.

Building a business that leverages your expertise to make things better is truly Great Work.  
Why do it alone?

Be Powerfully Productive

Make a bigger impact

Overcome Procrastination

prevent burnout

We all want businesses that create freedom for us, and impact in the world. 
We want:
  • More clients who rave about the work we do together
  • To make more money
  • A platform to share our ideas, offerings, and values
  • To leave a legacy behind us

(Al of this is Great Work!)

What if I told you that I know the secrets that make these things entirely possible for you.

No. Not possible. PROBABLE.

Are you ready? I'm going to tell you right now.

(You don't even have to opt-in first)

Here it is:

To do great work you must:

Get started even when you have no idea how you are get all the way done.

Stay at it when it you feel overwhelmed

Finish pieces and share them... especially when they don't feel ready.

Essentially: manage your time and manage your mind.

Do thesed things, over and over again, and you WILL do Great Work.

As straightforward as that sounds, it can be challenging.

It's a long game. A learning process. A journey.

Great Work is more like building a house-- brick by brick-- than it is like waving a magic wand and experiencing a transformation,

It requires steady, strategic action.

This is true at every stage of entrepreneurship.

Whether we are just getting started or closing in on 7-figures, we all need to up-level how we manage our time and how we manage our mind.

And while you can do that alone, I don't recommend it.

When you do it alone you are more likely to:

☹️ Stall out

☹️ Feel overwhelmed

☹️ Burn out

☹️ Procrastinate

☹️ Avoid the moment of courage required

☹️ Never finish

☹️ Give up

When you do it with the support of a community, on the other hand, you will:

 🤗 Start and restart!

 🤗 Calm down and get to it!

🤗  Build your resilience

🤗  Chip away at it

🤗 Screw up your courage and dive in

🤗  Finish.

🤗 Make money, get clients, have a bigger inpact!

This is what we do in the Great Work Community.

Your mind and your time are inextricably linked

Have you noticed how subjective time is?  It flies by when we are cheerfully occupied or in the flow. But, it slows to a crawl when we are waiting for something important or avoiding an important task. 

This is because our experience of time is impacted greatly by the state of our mind. 

But that's not all It's also true that our mind is massively impacted by how we spend our time! When we are making progress and showing up for our goals in a matter-of-fact, no-big-deal way, our mind is calm and strategic. When we are jumping from thing to thing, switching gears, and never finishing anything, on the other hand, our mind can slip into a state of disarray, leading to procrastination, perfectionism, and burnout.

If we manage our mind, we can use our time wisely.  And, if we manage our time, we can use our mind wisely.

I'll show you how in the Great Work Community.

Membership has it's benefits

Weekly planning

On Mondays at 9AM ET, we gather to plan our week and re-commit to our Great Work. This is a great time to get your questions answered, ask for accountability, and receive coaching.


On Fridays at 2PM ET, we gather to celebrate our progress and prepare to close out our week. Every win is celebrated, big (book birthday, launched programs, or your first 20k month) and small (just making it to the celebration is a win!). 


On Wednesdays at 12PM ET, we gather to check in and work alongside each other. Use this time to move your Great Work forward in community


Tap into our growing library of courses to deep dive on topics related to time management, mindsets, and marketing.

hours of greatness

Members of the community can schedule coaching calls with Amanda on a pay-what-it's-worth basis

GWC Channel

Access the Great Work Community Channel (like a facebook group, but better!) to gain access to our insightful and positive hive mind.

Dr. Amanda Crowell

Dr. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist, a podcaster, the author of Great Work, and the creator of the whole-person, time management system, the Great Work Journals. In the Great Work Community, Amanda brings together the world's change makers to help them manage their time and mind so they can get more clients, make more money, and have a bigger impact with their Great Work.

Founder, The Great Work Community

Clients Say It Best

The Best business decision I have ever made

Working with Amanda was by far the best business decision I have ever made! She is an *AMAZING* coach who is truly dedicated to helping her clients grow their client base. She is thoughtful, creative, supportive, and KNOWS HER STUFF. 

Chrissy Macken - blueprintgreen consulting

Amanda will always bring you back to your bigger purpose

Amanda’s mind-blowing wisdom will change the way you think about your practice and she will always bring you back to your bigger purpose. She helps you cut through all of your crap and speaks right to your soul in a way that is kind, authentic, and powerful. She’ll change your business and your life, if you let her!

Alyssa Adams - Intuitive business coach

Amanda lays the groundwork for long-term success

Amanda  possesses the rare ability to take the temperature of what needs to done in the ‘here and now’ while simultaneously laying the groundwork to ensure long-term success. She is incredibly accessible and flexible and goes the ‘extra mile,’ often without prompting. 

Michael Koffman - Clinical neuropsychologist

What Can I Expect Inside the Great Work Community?

manage your time and your mind so you can do great work

  • Learn how to use the Great Work Method to be powerfully productive
  • Accept the support you need to keep making progress
  • Develop self-expertise, self-understanding and self-acceptance to do Great Work without sacrificing your health, happiness or relationships
  • Cultivate resilience to prevent burnout 
  • Say "no" to good, so you can say "YES" to Great
  • How to know when to change tactics without giving up on your goals

Join us. It's risk free. 

Saying "Yes" to the Great Work Community will accelerate your progress, even if you change nothing else about your life!

Same job, same niche, same family and commitments.
Much, much more progress.

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Monthly Membership provides the most flexibility.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If, for any reason, you aren't happy with the Great Work Community in your first month, just tell us and we will process a 100% refund. Ongoing memberships can be cancelled any time, with refund grace periods available within three days of monthly payment. Annual membership refunds are pro-rated.