Here's a question for you:

What’s the biggest difference between a best-in-field expert who is admired, sought after, and hugely impactful, and one who is paralyzed by jealousy as they watch their graduate school roommate be interviewed on the Today show about their bestselling book?

If you guessed that they’ve perfected a highly optimized morning routine resulting in a day's work before 6 AM, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed that they’ve conquered procrastination and distraction so they never stall out, flake out, or self-sabotage, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed that they’ve cultivated perfect adherence to a well-oiled to-do list, calendar, and habit-tracking app, you’d also be wrong.

While all these things have their place, they are missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

People who are doing their Great Work are...

(Wait for it...)

DOING their Great Work! 

Every week. Every day.  Over and over again.

But for most people their Great Work is the first thing to get de-prioritized, procrastinated, and put off again and again.

Maybe that's ok for "most people." 

But it is NOT OK for you!

You have been honing your craft, developing your expertise, and racking up experience for a long time. You have innovative and informed ideas. You bring creativity, empathy, and art to your field.

And you know your shit.

Everyone agrees, you are amazing at what you do, maybe one of THE BEST. (If you can’t see that, just know that we do.)

You deserve to rise above the noise and create the impact and income you desire.

So... who am I to tell you all this?


cognitive psychologist/business coach/author/podcast host/founder of the Great Work Community/professor of psychology and education/speaker/mother, and wife. 

Your typical hard-to-describe /slasher/ 


What I know: You can Do Great Work Without Sacrificing Everything Else

I’ve army-crawled my way out of burnout and there’s one thing I know for sure:  I’m never going back there. 

At first, I thought I had to give up on my Great Work to achieve balance and health. I cut way back, said “no” to everything, and prepared for a life of health-promoting boredom. 

I was shocked when my Great Work bloomed in the space I had created.

In addition to learning how to turbo-charge my own Great Work, I have created a system that works for my clients so they, too, can do Great Work without falling prey to imposter syndrome, hustle culture, or self-sabotage. 

The Five Reasons You Struggle to Do Your Great Work

(Drop down for truth bombs!)


Traditional time management advice all boils down to the same core idea: DO MORE.

If you could be more efficient, you would get more done and win!
If you could cut out the distractions, you would get more done and win!
If you could be more organized, get to inbox zero, and prioritize with the objectivity and neutrality of a Japanese factory robot, you could finally, FINALLY, do more and win.

And yet, my experience with doing MORE through efficiency is that it just breeds more to do… more to keep track of, more to juggle, more to try to fit into your schedule. When it comes to doing Great Work, the hard truth is that you actually need to do less. 

Much, much less.

#Truthbomb To make progress on your Great Work, you need to make space for it. 

Think of it like this: Instead of trying to model yourself after a highly efficient and uber-optimized robot, model yourself against the very best version of you. 

  • The you who has head space to be innovative, creative, and insightful
  • The you who creates an ecosystem of support around her, so most non-critical tasks can be off-loaded, outsourced, or delegated
  • The you who says no to the good, so she can say yes to Great Work


Hustle—the relentless pursuit of greatness, characterized by “pushing through weakness” to “do whatever it takes” to persistently pursue “critical” opportunities—sounds like a good idea until you’ve lived it.  

If you’ve experienced the exhaustion, burnout, and joint pain that sits on the other side of “whatever it takes,” however, you already know that hustle can have major consequences.

And yet—what other option is there?
When you survey the landscape of advice, hustle is everywhere.  

Do more. Work harder, faster, better.  Then, someday, when you have a seven-figure income and a Tesla, you can relax and work two days a week.
Much of the procrastination I see in women wanting to do their Great Work is tied up with the worry that the only way to succeed is to hustle… and they DO. NOT. WANT. TO.

#Truthbomb: Hustle Is NOT the only way—or even the fastest, most effective way—to do Great Work.

When I stopped the hustle for good by learning how to strategically manage my time and prioritize my Great Work, I discovered a shocking truth.
I made more progress, got more traction, and made more money than I ever did when I was racing against the clock hustling.
This new way of being involves rewiring old stories and letting go of fear-based habits.

If you lean into it, you will blow your own mind.


When you are an ambitious, self-directed person, it feels somehow empowering to take the blame for everything that happens in your life and business.  

Ironically, it can feel easier to solve the problem when the problem is you, so we accuse ourselves of being the problem:

  • I am too all over the place.
  • I’m such a procrastinator!
  • I’m too easily distracted.

And let’s be honest, these examples are probably nicer than how you are talking to yourself. Maybe it sounds more like, “I wish I wasn’t so unbelievably lazy. I don’t know why I can’t get my shit together long enough to just f-ing do it already.”

First of all, don’t talk to my friend that way.

Second, this kind of tough love, self-flagellation—while it feels like the epitome of taking responsibility—is a massive, inefficient distraction. If it continues, it will keep you stuck right where you are.

#Truthbomb: If you want to do Great Work, you need to accept that you—exactly as you are right now—are good enough.

When we stop cross-examining ourselves, trying to figure out where we’ve failed ourselves, we can instead create a workflow and time management strategy that will work.

Know this: There is no “right way” to be productive, manage your time, or set up your calendar. There are a million ways, and you can make one of them right for you. 

Here’s my promise to you: If you start looking for your strengths, leaning into your natural tendencies, and optimizing your time to your energetic patterns, you will uncover a capacity for productivity that will outstrip anything you could have forced yourself into.


If you’ve been an ambitious, entrepreneurial person for long, I’m willing to bet that you’ve tangled with burnout.

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ve just boarded the merry-go-round of exhaustion. You know the one: You let things go a bit too far, become mildly cynical and unhappy, then recover just enough to over-work again. Round and round you go.

But perhaps you’ve slid allllll the way into full-scale burnout.  

Exhausted. Miserable. Cynical. Desperate. 

The kind of burnout that makes your body hurt, drives you to wonder if you are depressed and need help, and pushes you to consider quitting your job or business with nothing to fall back on.

That kind of burnout is extremely painful, and it can take a long while to recover, reignite your passion for life and work, and feel happy again. 

Here’s what I know from experience:

When you’ve recovered from burnout, you will do ANYTHING to avoid experiencing it again. And then you hear the voice of your Great Work calling.  The work you’ve always wanted to do, calling you to give it a try and make it a priority.

But you’re scared. What if it’s not possible to do Great Work without sacrificing your health, happiness, and relationships?

#Truthbomb: You can do Great Work without sacrificing everything else

There’s a reason that this is the subtitle of my book. In fact, one of the primary objectives of my Great Work is to empower people like us—people who know we have work inside of us that can change the world and leave a legacy of impact behind us—to do our Great Work without looking around every corner for burnout. 

The key is to learn how to trust yourself again. Trust that you will manage your time, your mind, and your workflow so that even if you have to work hard sometimes, you won't ever allow it to develop into burnout.


“If it was meant to happen, it would have happened already.”“Most people in that space are half my age.”
“I should have done this before I had kids.”
“I can’t work that hard anymore.”

There are a lot of arguments for why you are too old to do what you’ve always wanted to do. And none of them are true.

No one—old or young, new or veteran, expert or novice—is called from the inside to do work that isn’t meant for them.  

#Truthbomb: If your Great Work is calling to you, then it is MEANT for you, just as you are.

Your Great Work is meant to be done by you, NOW. It’s a distraction to focus on what might have been had you done it earlier. What isn’t a distraction is to remember that everything you’ve done so far has prepared you for this moment. 

You know who you are.
You know what you believe.
You’ve (mostly) moved through trying to prove yourself through people-pleasing.
And you are a kick-ass, super-knowledgeable expert in your field!!   

You’ve forgotten more than some people will ever know, and we need your help. Don’t deny us your amazing wisdom, life experience, and compassion.

There’s still time.

It's time to join us!

The Great Work Community is here to help ambitious, change-making entrepreneurs MANAGE THEIR TIME AND THEIR MIND so they can get MORE CLIENTS, make MORE MONEY, and have a BIGGER IMPACT with their Great Work.

Be inspired by powerful people in real-time.

In a world of self-study courses with moderated Facebook groups, it’s a rare luxury to be known by name in a community of like-minded people.

In the Great Work Community, we meet once a week on Fridays to celebrate—and while no one is able to make it every week, members go out of their way to come to as many as possible.

🎉 If this sounds like your tribe, we’d love to invite you into the Great Work Community. 🎉

Friday: Mastermind and celebrate

It’s all too easy to focus your mind on all the things you didn’t get done this week or fixate on the things that didn’t go according to plan. This focus on the negative can actually cause resistance to doing your Great Work next week, suppressing progress and creating drag against the traction you’ve worked so hard to create. 

While it is sometimes a good idea to “learn from your mistakes” it is always a good idea to remember what you have accomplished.  Anchoring in your progress into your brain through acknowledgment, savoring your wins, and sharing your progress, will prompt greater progress next week. This is brain-hacking at its best.

*No one can come to every session. Do NOT let that stop you!

Just in time Course Library

While the backbone of the Great Work Community is our live session, there are some things better served through self-study at your own pace. This is why everyone who joins the Great Work Community receives our entire library of in-depth courses. 

Every one of these courses is worth the cost of admission all by itself. 

  • Introduction to the Great Work Method
  • How to Create Deeper Meaning and Purpose
  • Content Creation for Experts
  • Success Is An Inside Job
  • And more!


Working with Amanda was by far the best business decision I have ever made! She is an *AMAZING* coach who is truly dedicated to helping her clients grow. She is thoughtful, creative, supportive, and KNOWS HER STUFF. 



Amanda’s mind-blowing wisdom will change the way you think about your practice and she will always bring you back to your bigger purpose. She helps you cut through all of your crap and speaks right to your soul in a way that is kind, authentic, and powerful. She’ll change your business and your life, if you let her!