It Takes Courage to Grow Your Practice

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You have to show up as a powerful, coherent brand if you are going to attract high paying clients.

I work with therapists and coaches who are struggling to grow their practices.  They are overwhelmed and uncertain about where to focus their marketing efforts, and they are afraid to take too strong a stance around their speciality for fear that they will lose the clients they have.  

The sad truth about this, though, is that without a courageous and powerful stance, you will always be the second choice.  Or you will be chosen for reasons that aren't coming from your strength- they'll choose you based on your location, for example. Or what you look like.  No matter how great your location or how amazing your hair, you will get stronger follow through and greater conversion rates if you state very clearly who you are and what you LOVE to work on.


The Lion Hour Program is designed to help you identify, understand and speak the language of your ideal client.

But we don't stop there.  The next step is to put together a targeted marketing plan that helps you sharpen and streamline your outreach. By the end of the Lion Hour Program you will have clarity around a strong, coherent message and a streamlined, high leverage marketing plan to implement.

Amanda Crowell, PhD

Cognitive psychologist And Growth Coach

I work with coaches and therapists to fill their practice with clients they love, make more money and have the impact they've always wanted. As a cognitive psychologist with expertise in client creation, sustainable change management, and mindset hacking, I can say with certainty: It's never a question of whether you can succeed.  It's only ever a question of how.

Grow your practice quickly and with integrity

The Lion Hour Pilot streams online via Zoom on June 27, July 25, August 22 and September 19th.  Each session runs from 6-8pm.

(Given the flexible nature of summer, the pilot is hosted live and streaming for every session.  If you need to miss one session  you can still join and a replay of the session will be posted. If you have to miss more than one session, please do not apply for the program)

I’m picking the pilot participants personally so I know they will come, participate, support the group and give me no-holds-barred feedback.

This pilot is most appropriate for someone with an existing practice that they are actively trying to grow- It would be overwhelming for someone who is just getting started.  

In our time together you will: 

  • Identify your ideal client  
  • Deepen your understanding through user interviews
  • Craft a powerful content calendar for social and your original content
  • Construct your relationship pyramid to ensure that every minute you spend marketing is high leverage 
  • Design your "signature freebie" to grow your list
  • Create a flow of interested leads
  • The pilot is ONLY $297. Future self-study programs will be priced at $597, but to participate in the pilot you need to be willing to attend, participate, and give testimonials... so you get a major deal! Woohoo!

The Lion hour Pilot is BY APPLICATION ONLY  Click the gold button to schedule a call with me to discuss whether the Pilot is a good fit for you!

What People Are Saying

Lion Hour should be called Lion Power Hour. The "lion" courage turns into "power" for the therapist!

In 4 steps, that truly come together in the end, Amanda provides a formula for focusing on the capture of ideal clients in the most efficient way possible. She probes the participants to think about their business needs and desires, then, in a very authentic way, turn those needs and desires into taking action for success.

Amanda is a relentless problem solver, and takes me out of the box when looking for best practices and solutions to drive success.

She has a sense of humor too, and whoever heard of a humorous lion?

Go into the Lion Hour workshop full steam ahead, knowing that your outcome will be useful and revealing as well as a step on the road to a powerful work/career/life opportunity.

The Lion Hour was an invaluable experience. Amanda is a knowledgeable coach as well as a fun person to be around. She's Entertaining and intuitive. I appreciated her psychology background and marketing expertise but also her ability to keep the group on track and make really efficient use of our time. I learned a great deal from the other participants- who knew a health coach had so much to learn from a grief counselor, niche stationery seller and small business accountant?! 

Ann, Coach

I'm doing something out of the ordinary. There are not many people at all who do what I do, and maybe even fewer who approach the problem I solve the way I approach it. In a lot of ways, it's great: a novel approach to a problem people need help with. And in some ways not so great: how do I market it?

I think the biggest hurdle is that I don't have ready at hand a well defined group of people (a network) that I can simply attach myself to that would provide me with all the prospective clients I would ever need.

That and the skills I have and the value I offer are hard to communicate to people who don't have any frame of reference. Why would they spend so much money on something they don't quite understand???

So yeah, how do I market what I have to offer when I can't just plug myself in with the right group of people who already deal with a client base that already understands the skills & value that I bring to the table?

That's where Amanda & Lion Hour come in!

I think Amanda has been through these very same challenges before, and she's found some fabulous solutions to the roadblocks common to us – those who have a peculiar niche.

Lion Hour is all about streamlining the processes that will get you on the road to developing channels that will enable you find the people you are most trying to help: those that have the very problem that you solve.

As always, one of the most valuable things that Amanda brings to the table here is efficiency. All the information is out there, but it would take such a long time and maybe too much trial-and-error – tons of valuable time that can instead be spent focusing on the core of what our type does.

It all makes sense. Do you have something fabulous to share with the world? Are you having trouble zeroing in on who you were made to serve? Do you have next to no idea how to go about finding those people, and then offering straightforward ways for them to learn about you and your particular craft? And is all this getting in the way of you simply being able to offer your fabulous service to the people that need it most?

Lion Hour is your solution. =]

THe pilot is by Application only.  


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