Make your Own Opportunity and Build a Private Pay Practice

In this free, online masterclass Drs. Amanda Crowell and Alyssa Adams will lay it all out there: what does it take to build a private pay practice during a pandemic? How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace while being entirely authentic?

Amanda and Alyssa challenge the status quo advice to “be everywhere, all the time” and will show you exactly where to put your time. With the right strategies, and a clear enough message you CAN enroll more clients and make more money, even in the midst of all the uncertainty and disruption.

In this Support Lab Connection Hour you will:

  • Learn how to create marketing that builds authentic, strong relationships with your potential clients and referral partners
  • Understand why it is the therapist with the best marketing that gets the private pay clients... not the best therapist.
  • Focus on the few things that will help you grow your practice… and let the rest of it go!

Join us on September 1st from 11-12:30 ET!

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