Drs. Amanda Crowell and Alyssa Adams are having POPUP discussion this week focused on the two most common questions they are receiving about growing a private pay practice right now.

Thursday, September 24th at 3pm: "I'm not the kind of person who self-promotes"

Most therapists and coaches have resistance to self-promotion. Whether it's putting out some marketing, thinking about your intake process as a sales process, or asking people explicitly if they want to work with them, it almost doesn't matter. All of these actions cause a lot of therapists and coaches to freeze, uncertain how and whether to proceed.  Much of this boils down to a few shifts in your money mindset. In our discussion, we'll discuss two very important shifts to your mindset, so you can promote your practice sans resistance.

  • How sales is the kindest, most strongly advocating things you can do for a potential client.
  • How to view sales and marketing from a social justice and heart centered perspective.

Thursday, September 25 at 1pm: "How can I invest in anything with all of this uncertainty?"

There's chaos everywhere... how can I make a decision to invest in anything right now?  Between the presidential election, the pandemic, the racial unrest, and the economic uncertainty, it makes sense that things feel too unpredictable to make decisions. In our discussion today we will talk about those things that actually WILL NOT change.

  • No matter what happens, people will be suffering and in need of support.  Sadly, it's a constant during this disruptive time.
  • You ARE a therapist or coach! It's your job, your livelihood, your way to make an impact.  
  • There's a way to anchor into both of these truths so you can draw clients towards you without the overwhelm.

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