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This week I welcome AJ Harper to the podcast. AJ is an editor, publishing strategist, and a developmental editor. Previously, AJ was a ghostwriter, and has written dozens of books, some of which are New York Times Bestsellers (but we’ll never know which ones!). AJ left ghostwriting to create the Top Three Book Workshop, and in […]
Gratitude is a powerful practice that impacts your life, and the lives of those for whom you are grateful. And, did you know that there are THREE kinds of gratitude? It's true! • There is gratitude for what's to come, called anticipation. • Gratitude for what's happening right now, called savoring. • And gratitude for what has happened already, called reminiscing.
How are you? If your first, knee jerk response was “Busy!” or “Crazy busy” or “Scary busy” then this interview is for you. My guest this week, Dr. Don Khouri, invites us to protect our “Yes.” Whether others are asking for a favor, offering an opportunity, or handing down a task, our bias is usually to say “yes!” Don suggests that before we give away a single “yes,” we need to ask ourselves some critical questions.
As she stood at the airport in Hawaii, waiting for her flight home, Dyan DiNapoli made an important decision: She didn’t know how and she didn’t know when but she WAS going to dedicate herself to working with marine animals. And boy has she! From getting a second bachelors degree, to finally getting hired at the New England Aquarium (after years of volunteering), to running the world largest animal rescue mission in history, Dyan’s commitment to animal conservation has been nothing short of extraordinary.
Have you ever been listening to this podcast and thought “Yeah, OK, Great Work sounds, well, Great, but HOW? How do I actually get over my drama? How can I find the time to make progress on my Great Work? In this episode, we are going deep in the weeds and talking about exact tactics (#exactics).
What happens when you feel unseen, unheard, and left out of most of the decisions about your education? Well, if you are Dr. Gess LeBlanc you spend your career raising up the voices of marginalized, diverse students.