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On this holiday episode of Unleashing YOUR Great Work, we are charged with the task of defeating “shiny object syndrome” with the help and leadership of Consuela Muñoz. Certified strength coach, speaker, author, and founder of The CEO Way, Consuela believes that everyone should be more excited about the work they are doing, and that […]
For our holiday episodes we are focusing on the power of “resilience”. Introducing our first guest, Avital Spivek, an online tech coach, educator, computer engineer, and martial artist who’s favorite Great Work is helping people who didn’t grow up with technology be successful at applying this new language in their business life. Consistently inspired by […]
When the hustle and grind gets you down, you need RESILIENCE! When you feel burned out, that can feel like a monumental task… but I’ve got your back. Over the next 5 weeks you will receive two short episodes every week, each one with a resilience tip from someone who is striving—just like you– every […]
Hey listeners, are you prepared to get a whole bunch of knowledge thrown your way? Because Jeanette Bronée not only has enough knowledge about self-care to go around the world TWICE, but she has a plethora of prolific and profound ways to re-think EVERYTHING! We, as human beings, are constantly focused on the doing, doing, […]
I’ve been following Lauren Howard on LinkedIn for quite some time, and she is just as passionate and powerful as she is humble and kind. As the founder of two businesses (yes, TWO), Lauren has cultivated her Great Work to help amplify the voices of others, advocating for digital healthcare and encouraging courage and strength […]
On this week’s episode of Unleashing YOUR Great Work, we dive into the worlds of Mat Heagerty, a rad graphic novelist creating Great Work one Lumberjack Vampire at a time (A Lumberjackula, if you will). Growing up dyslexic and, what he considered himself back in the days, a “bad” student, Mat shares his mission in […]