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In this episode of Unleashing Your Great Work, we are digging into Great Work that is ahead of it's time. This week we are joined by the founder of the Nonordinary Company, Trish Blain, as she lays out her Four Forces framework, designed to help people live on their evolving edge.
In this week's episode, we are going deep on the nature of Great Work. It's easy to confuse Great Work with great accomplishments, but Great Work is SO. MUCH. MORE than just accomplishment. Great Work is like navigating a great and mighty river. It's flowing-- with or without you-- and it's full of all the opportunities, collaborators, and adventures you could ever want. Don't you think it's time to get in the boat? I do. ⚓️
In this, the very first episode of Unleashing Your Great Work to feature a guest, we are digging into Great Work off the beaten path with Dr. Alyssa Adams.
In this episode, we are diving into the characteristics of Great Work. Join me as we discuss the Essential Pillars of Great Work, what we can learn from watching people do Great Work, and what we can learn about Great Work from Jim Henson.
In this, the inaugural episode, we start at the very beginning: What is Great Work, and Why does it matter? And, of course, we start where all good podcasts should: with death.
Unleashing Your Great Work is a podcast about doing the work that matters the most to you. Work that grows you and keeps you on your evolving edge. Work that shows the world who you really are. Work that compels you to collaborate, and allows other people to truly know you. It might be building a business, inciting a movement, creating breathtaking art, writing world-changing books, or helping other people to heal and grow into their potential.