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Nothing I say gets more push back than what we are talking about on this episode. And yet, I believe it with all my heart. Great Work- the work that matters the most to us, the work that shares our unique point of view, in community with amazing people, that keeps you on your evolving edge and creates our legacy… that kind of work is not the result of hustle.
In this episode of Unleashing Your Great Work, I'm talking to Linda Ugelow, a speaking confidence coach who has conquered her own speaking anxiety to become a powerful speaker and author.
In this week's episode we are diving into the two kinds of people in the world: lone wolves and pack wolves. Pack wolves who are great at creating things in community, and lone wolves who are great at generating outcomes from their own internal motivations and drive. As a natural born lone wolf myself, I am making the case that we really need both sets of skills if we are going to do Great Work.
In this episode of Unleashing Your Great Work, we are digging into Great Work that is ahead of it's time. This week we are joined by the founder of the Nonordinary Company, Trish Blain, as she lays out her Four Forces framework, designed to help people live on their evolving edge.
In this week's episode, we are going deep on the nature of Great Work. It's easy to confuse Great Work with great accomplishments, but Great Work is SO. MUCH. MORE than just accomplishment. Great Work is like navigating a great and mighty river. It's flowing-- with or without you-- and it's full of all the opportunities, collaborators, and adventures you could ever want. Don't you think it's time to get in the boat? I do. ⚓️
In this, the very first episode of Unleashing Your Great Work to feature a guest, we are digging into Great Work off the beaten path with Dr. Alyssa Adams.