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We are excited to bring you this encore presentation of one of our most popular episodes. We hope you enjoy!  In this episode, we are diving into the characteristics of Great Work. Join me as we discuss: The Essential Pillars of Great Work What we can learn from watching people do Great Work What we […]
We are excited to bring you this encore presentation of our first episode which remains one of our most popular ones. We hope you enjoy!  In this, the inaugural episode, we start at the very beginning: What is Great Work, and Why does it matter? And, of course, we start where all good podcasts should: with […]
After 27 episodes, the first season of Unleashing Your Great Work is coming to a close. Amanda digs into what it has been like to learn podcasting. She shares what has surprised her about doing an interview-style podcast show. She also shares the lessons she’s learned in the second half of the season from her […]
Today we welcome an award-winning, published photographer, and the founder of Little Love Stories Photography, Stephanie Willoughby. Stephanie shares the struggles and joys she experiences doing her Great Work. Join us as we discuss: 02:44 The connection and benefits of Photography – How photography affects generations. 09:21 How Stephanie’s visual artistry story evolved. 16:25 From […]
This week we welcome our guest Michelle Kaplan. Overcoming struggles in her HR career, Michelle discovered her true voice through her writing and poetry. This ultimately led her to her new position as a co-producer in an off-broadway theatre show. Uncover how Michelle came to live her true genius and how it can help you live yours.  […]
This week on the podcast, we are featuring Gail Robertson, the Chief Curiosity Officer of GailNow! She is a whirling dervish on social media and a networking super-connector, and I’ve been amazed by her energy and success for years. Listen in as Gail helps us to uncover what it takes to realize the potential of […]