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Procrastination is Not a Productivity Problem 

It's a Mindset Problem

Procrastination is not a productivity problem. It's a mindset problem.

Want to overcome defensive failure and make progress on your goals? 

Success with growing a business is an inside job!

I hear from hundreds of people who are struggling to build their business: coaches, therapists, and entrepreneurs alike. They often find that they really, REALLY want to do what it takes to grow their business (networking, sales, creating products, etc) but they make very little actual progress.

Sometimes they will set an intention and then simply not do it.

Other times they will begin, but fizzle out quickly.

The exact scenario varies, but without exception, my clients tell me that they feel STUCK.

And they feel TERRIBLE about it.

They'll tell me that they are lazy.

They'll pore over books about productivity, certain they suffer from congenital procrastination.

Or they will sadly declare that they just aren't the kind of person who can succeed at growing a practice.

(and stop talking about my friend that way!)

When I hear stories like this, what I hear is a story about a mindset block.There is something going in their head that is keeping them on the sidelines. To break through that resistance, they need to tackle the problem head on (pun intended!).

This requires that they:

a) know which mindset is blocking them in their efforts
b) learn to take action in a way that dismantles the block.

Success is an Inside Job, supports you through both of these steps.