Ready to do great work? Read the book, listen to the podcast, and book DR. CROWELL to speak!

I have heard it all!

  • Too good to be true!
  • Surely there’s a catch?!? (answer: not really.)
  • Do I have to listen to a timeshare presentation? (answer: No.)
  • Why would you do that, Amanda? (answer: read below)

But it’s SUPER LEGIT.  

This company (Trip Valet) partners with business owners (like me and you) and travel companies (hotel chains, car rental companies, etc) to help the travel companies fill their services with the business owner’s clients during slower travel times.  I know the owner of Trip Valet and he’s on a mission to create an ethical travel partnership program that exceeds expectations. I think he’s done it.

Let’s be real:

Is it FREE?  No.  It costs you some money to activate it and then there are resort fees. For the 7 day trip to Mexico, it costs about 300 dollars plus your flight. It’s not nothing! But’s it’s not $2500, which is the retail value of 7 days at the resort he’s partnered with.

Can you go ANYTIME YOU WANT?  No.  There are restrictions, but in my experience, they are surprisingly flexible.

Can you go the day after tomorrow? No. You have to book at least 30 days in advance for most of it. You will book your trip immediately after beginning the Accelerator and go to celebrate the completion.

So, why would YOU do this, Amanda?

Building a business is hard. Always.  Doing a program like the Accelerator requires serious commitment.

And If you go big for your business, I whole-heartedly expect you to go big for yourself, too!  

What life are you building for yourself?  I bet you’d like it to include travel!  I’m happy to give you a leg up.  

So, come on.

Don’t be skeptical!  

Schedule the dang trip and dream about it as you rewrite your copy, go to networking events, and reach out to referral partners!