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Join us in December 2019 for the
#SlowDecember Challenge!

#SlowDecember is a movement for those of us who are deeply tired of the bottomlessness of life.  Tired of the never-ending flow of work, news, posts, calendar events, and anxiety. Together we are taking back our holiday, our break, our family time, our celebration, and our lives from the expectations of others and the default mode of more, more, more.

For the month of December, we choose to be peaceful, connected, and grateful. We choose to be present with what is. We choose to move slowly and with intention through this month where magic is always available... if we choose to slow down and take notice.

Don't start off 2020 consumed with overwhelm, self-doubt, and stress.  Address it now!

This live challenge starts December 2nd and runs every weekday until New Years Eve.  Your email will arrive every day at 6am with one simple tip that will help you:

  • Slow down and feel grateful
  • Be present with your family and friends
  • Create your holiday with intention
  • Remember what you love about this time of year.

Join Us!

Sign up now and you will receive an email right away with a #slowdecember calendar for you to watch your own progress.  The LIVE CHALLENGE will begin on December 2nd in your inbox and on all my social media pages. Join me and let's reclaim our holiday together.