Cognitive Psychologist & CAMPUS KEYNOTE Speaker

Cognitive psychologist & Keynote speaker


A lot is riding on your speakers. Our ability to inspire matters, certainly... but what makes a conference MAGICAL is when your students leave a session crystal clear about what to do next and feeling connected to a community of people who are ready to change right alongside them.

I have been a professional communicator for more than a decade as a university professor, professional development provider, and speaker.  The two things I hear most often from event coordinators (whether they are university students, government or corporate employees, or conference attendees) are:

  • "The students love her.  She makes them laugh while she helps them become more productive.  Most importantly, she sells them on their own potential."  
  • "Amanda brought that room together so quickly-- she helped us see the room as full of old friends we just hadn't met yet."

Whether performing a keynote or doing a deep dive with a student leadership team, I will keep your community inspired, connected, and ready to take action.

"Amanda's talk was genuinely mind-blowing.  I hadn't realized how much my beliefs ABOUT ME were getting in the way of my life.  I am fired up and ready to be more productive!"  -Alison Mable, attendee



Dr. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist, speaker, and university professor known for combining cutting edge research, heart, and humor into empowering campus keynotes. Amanda's TEDx talk has received almost half a million views since January, 2019 and has been featured on TED's "Ideas" blog. Her ideas have also been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, and Quartz. Amanda combines her expertise in psychology, change management, and mindset coaching to help college students break free from procrastination and become the students and leaders they've always wanted to be. Amanda is a great choice for your event in the 2019-2020 academic year and beyond!



You can't do your best work when you are trapped in procrastination. Whether you are a college students working on that final paper, a student leader putting together the agenda for the year or a hopeful graduate polishing up your resume, procrastination can feel like your own personal supervillain: tricky and unpredictable.

But what if I told you that ending procrastination is entirely under your control and "pushing through" and "working harder" were not the solution?  What if I told you that the answer to ending procrastination was as close your own mind. In this keynote you will learn about the three mindsets that have you locked in these annoying cycles of procrastination. 

In this session you will learn

  • How you can make massive progress on your goals without feeling overwhelmed
  • How your own mindsets are blocking your progress towards your goals 
  • How to create a positive mindset culture on campus with your friends and in your student organizations

Reach out to discuss customizing this talk to your specific student needs! I've done this talk as an end of semester push, to start the semester strong, and to support networking and the career search (among many others!).  I'm certain I can support your students where they need it most.



TedxHarrisburg Talk, October 14, 2018.

You Can Do It, Too! March 7th, 2019


Amanda was engaging, funny and helpful. I learned something new about how our self-descriptions are socially constructed and how we perceive “our tribe” really impacts how we think about our own ability to change. I can’t wait to come to more of your workshops!

Sofia Rodriguez Workshop Attendee

I loved learning about the psychology of change and immediately starting to identify the places where it’s showing up for me.

Jayla Moore Workshop Attendee

Your presentation was funny and engaging and I liked that you gave us time to interact with others in the room who are dealing with the same problems.

Kim Matthews Workshop Attendee

Amanda was relatable and approachable which is not always the case for someone with her level of expertise. I loved the actionable tactics and specific tools.

Maria Lopez Workshop Attendee

Thank you for helping me see that I need to say NO if I’m going to make a bigger impact. I feel so overloaded and this is an inspiring (if scary!) message!

Shanisha Jones Workshop Attendee

I felt very comfortable at your workshop. I think you were able to create a safe space very quickly. I enjoyed working with my partner- hearing what she saw as my strengths was very useful. And helping her see her strengths was inspiring.

Suzanne Dwyer Workshop Attendee

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