Cognitive Psychologist & First Year Experience Trainer

Cognitive psychologist & First Year Experience Trainer


Dr. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist, and speaker specializing in easing the transitions of first year students through keynotes and workshops for first year students, orientation volunteers, and the faculty and staff who work with them. Amanda combines her expertise in psychology and mindset coaching to create a first year experience that is both calming and empowering. 

Amanda's TEDx talk has received roughly half a million views since January 2019 and has been featured on TED's "Ideas" blog. Her ideas have also been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, and Quartz. Amanda is author of the forthcoming book "Beating Millennial Burnout." 

Amanda is a great choice for your event in the 2019-2020 academic year and beyond!


Four Secrets to College Success Your Professors Will Never Tell You
(Orientation Keynote or Workshop)

You made it to college! Well done! Now your job is to get the absolute most out of it! In this orientation keynote or workshop for students, Amanda shares tips for how students can get the most out of their college years, and beyond. 

In this keynote or workshop, students will learn:

  • Professors are people, too. Here’s how to exploit their humanity.
  • The two things that will get you good grades… and neither is “doing the assignment.”
  • Perfect grades do not matter… here’s what does.
  • How to get everything you want while you are in college… and after!
Student says Amanda is riveting

"Amanda helped me focus on my goals for school. It was inspiring and riveting at the same time!" 
- Christine,
Raritan Valley Community College Student

How To Get Better Grades Without Changing How You Study
(Keynote for Students)

Drawing on her background as both a cognitive psychologist and university professor, Amanda provides actionable, relatable advice that will help college students succeed in college without all the stress.

 In this keynote or workshop, students will learn:

  • How to change your mindset and stop sabotaging yourself on tests and assignments
  • Sherlock Holmes’s guide to getting better grades
  • The grade altering power of radical self-compassion

Power Skills for Emerging Leaders 

(Experiential Workshop for Students)

Drawing on her background as both a cognitive psychologist and university professor, Amanda provides actionable, relatable advice that will help college students succeed in college without all the stress.

 In this workshop, students will learn: 

  • How to create community on campus so people are comfortable and see you as a resource
  • How to build a powerful team of leaders who can get things done and enjoy doing it
  • How to command a room and speak with confidence so your events and meetings feel organized and you feel in control 
  • How to tell better jokes and stories that inform and captivate your audience, leaving them wanting more

"I learned that the key to belonging is making people feel important and wanted! Thank you for your awesome presentations!" 
- Peter, St. Joseph's College

Creating a Growth Culture in Your Classrooms and Programs
(Workshop for Faculty and Staff)

Amanda is highly experienced at working with other university professors to help them achieve better learning outcomes for their students. In this workshop, faculty will learn:

  • How to keep the attention of students in a digitally distracted world
  • Give them a fighting chance: creating a culture of growth
  • Keep them coming to class: structures for belonging
  • Make it worth their time: authenticity and value

Thank you for that very engaging presentation. It's been a week and
I'm still digesting all the great materials you presented!
- Kasey Powers, Mercy College Faculty



Amanda Crowell, Phd | Cognitive Psychologist and First Year Experience Trainer

TEDxHarrisburg Talk - October 14, 2018

TedXHarrisburg Comment on YouTube

FULL LENGTH: You Can Do It, Too! - March 7, 2019


"I found Dr. Amanda after someone recommended her TEDx talk on mindset blocks. Her in depth knowledge on mindset psychology really helped me breakthrough my personal barriers. She has a naturally engaging stage presence and a way of explaining things that just sticks." ~ Melissa Monte, host of the “Mind Love” Podcast


Contact Info:

(857) 472-0370


Amanda was engaging, funny and helpful. I learned something new about how our self-descriptions are socially constructed and how we perceive “our tribe” really impacts how we think about our own ability to change. I can’t wait to come to more of your workshops!

Sofia Rodriguez Workshop Attendee

I loved learning about the psychology of change and immediately starting to identify the places where it’s showing up for me.

Jayla Moore Workshop Attendee

Your presentation was funny and engaging and I liked that you gave us time to interact with others in the room who are dealing with the same problems.

Kim Matthews Workshop Attendee

Amanda was relatable and approachable which is not always the case for someone with her level of expertise. I loved the actionable tactics and specific tools.

Maria Lopez Workshop Attendee

Thank you for helping me see that I need to say NO if I’m going to make a bigger impact. I feel so overloaded and this is an inspiring (if scary!) message!

Shanisha Jones Workshop Attendee

I felt very comfortable at your workshop. I think you were able to create a safe space very quickly. I enjoyed working with my partner- hearing what she saw as my strengths was very useful. And helping her see her strengths was inspiring.

Suzanne Dwyer Workshop Attendee