Make TIME FOR YOUrself

Spring Clean Your Time

What would you do if you had more than enough time?

When I ask this at my masterclass, I hear:

  • Appreciating art, reading, gardening, being in nature
    So much of what we yearn for is time to be present with our lives, appreciating the beauty of being human and alive.
  • Building my business
    Finding the time to recruit clients, create systems, and implement a sustainable, doable marketing plan is a common goal.
  • Writing my book, launching my podcast, starting a newsletter
    Lots of us want to dedicate time to sharing our unique perspective with the world in new and more consistent ways
    For some of us, what we really need is time and space to rest. Once our tank is no longer empty, we trust that our ambition and enthusiasm will return. 

imagine if you could create time for the things that matter the most to you.

What would you do with your time?


There are times when the smartest, savviest, and most productive thing we can do is rest.  
Rebuild your resilience.
Feel better. 

Be more present

Being present to your life exactly as it is a great use of time.
Slow Down.
Look around.

Build an empire

With time on your side, there is nothing you can't do.
Discover what you believe.
Say it out loud.
Build your empire.

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- Chrissy Macken, Career coach extraordinaire

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