Success is an Inside Job

Hack your brain, grow your business

Growing a Successful Business is an Inside Job!

Success is an Inside Job is my BRAND NEW course that will help you see how your Mindset-- your beliefs, thoughts and feelings about your business-- is keeping you from growing your business. 

Success is an Inside Job will guide you to understand your own specific mindset blocks, and most importantly, help you  to move through them.  

Do you suffer from "Will I or Won't I" syndrome? 
Many of my clients tell me that they can't trust themselves to follow through on goals they really, really want to meet.

Sometimes they will set an intention and then simply not do it.

Other times they will begin, but fizzle out quickly.  

The exact scenario varies,  but without exception, my clients tell me that they feel STUCK.

And they feel TERRIBLE about it.  

They'll tell me that they are lazy.  

They'll pore over books about productivity, certain they suffer from congenital procrastination.  

Or they will sadly declare that they just aren't the kind of person who can succeed at growing a business.


(and stop talking about my friend that way!)

Growing a successful business is an inside job!  The clarity you need to set goals with confidence and the confidence to trust yourself to take action and make progress is inside this course!​

Leave the self-imposed "Will I or Won't I" drama behind.

Join me in Success is an Inside Job and let's grow your business!

Amanda Crowell, PhD

Cognitive psychologist And Growth Coach

I work with coaches and therapists to fill their practice with clients they love, make more money and have the impact they've always wanted. As a cognitive psychologist with expertise in client creation, sustainable change management, and mindset hacking, I can say with certainty: It's never a question of whether you can succeed.  It's only ever a question of how.

Break through your blocks and grow your practice

Success is an Inside Job: Hack your brain, grow your business focuses on introducing the science behind three mindset blocks that are keeping you from taking action in your business. 

But that's just the first step!  After you understand your mindset blocks, you'll be asked to take action.  
And THAT will make all the difference!

We are currently in the pilot period for this BRAND NEW course!  During this time only participation in the course involves personal 1:1 conversations with me! 

Here's what you get!

  • Deep dives into the science underlying the three mindsets that are keeping you from taking action.  This one is for my psych nerds!
  • Exercises that help you explore your own mindset blocks, and take targeted action to dismantle your blocks
  • Strategies to handle the opinions of the people in your life and to build a community of powerful support around you and your business
  • Beautifully designed worksheets with exercises that you can take with you and do at your own pace
  • One 45 minute coaching call with Amanda to strategize and debrief after you've done the course!
  • Lifetime access to the course, including all updates and bonuses offered during the formal launch in 2019!

The Pilot for this course is only 147!!


I know, it's a great deal. 


When the course launches for real,  the price goes up to $347 and there will be no individual coaching included!  This is an offer that is ONLY for you- my existing friends and readers.  Grab your spot now!

What People Are Saying

Working with Amanda was an amazing experience– I had been trying to finish a project for over 10 years and after working with Amanda for 3 months, the project was done! She has a style that is both very focused and detail oriented, but also very based in intuition — great combination! I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to help me through this!

Kathleen, Coaching Client and Program Participant

Through Amanda’s coaching, I learned that I needed to learn to set micro-goals that would work for my life. After starting to use Amanda’s methods, I hit my sales goal for the month in the first two weeks! I can’t wait to see how my business will evolve in the months to come!

Sara, Coaching Client

I first met Amanda during one of her workshops, which was one of the best workshops I have ever been to because it was practical, action-oriented and inpsiring.

After attending her workshop, I knew I wanted to work with her one on one on improving my financial management. I can say that since working with Amanda I have never had a better financial outlook with more flexibility and opportunity. 

Now that I have my finances well managed, I recently sought out Amanda to coach me on my idea for a new business, a mindful baby clothing company idea. We worked together for a month, once a week with frequent check ins, over the phone and via email. Hands down it was an incredible investment and I learned how to take strategic and actionable steps on prototyping my business. I’m at a place in the business where I would not be without Amanda!

Your resources would be well spent to spend with Amanda. 

Dorothy, Coaching Client and Program Participant

​Your mindset is your business partner
ARE YOU on your side?

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